Our Program

We believe in repetition.  Every week we teach a different theme that is revisited on a rotating schedule to build your game.
 During that period you will learn a solid foundation and Jiu Jitsu concepts, transitions, techniques and troubleshooting.

Kids Class (3-12)

These 30-45 minute classes will teach your child the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, instilling confidence and discipline in a positive, fun atmosphere.  Kids will improve their coordination and balance, play games and participate in controlled sparring with other students depending on age level. For more information please click here.

Adult 'Level one' (13+)

Open to all students, these classes are perfect for people wanting to learn the fundamentals and basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Students will learn correct movement on the ground in a more relaxed environment in order to build a solid foundation of tools that will carry over to the other level classes.

Adult 'All levels' (13+)

Open to all students, these structured classes will be a challenge for the mind and body in a positive learning environment. Each class consists of a movement, mobility and body awareness based warm up followed by skill-building drills, movement drills and technique.  After this we end the class and begin specific sparring for those who wish to stay.

Adult 'Advanced Jiu-Jitsu'

Currently only available to our members who have a minimum of two stripes on their white belts, this class involves a drill based warm-up followed by specific sparring based on the positions we covered at class.  Students will work within specific situations that will cover strategy and troubleshooting.

Open mat

Open mats are free periods of time where the gym is open to prepare for class, drill technique, stretch, socialize or spar.  
Sunday afternoons' open mat is structured. The first hour is for drilling technique and the second for sparring.
During Sunday's drill time a coach is there to answer technical questions, provide feedback on technique and demonstrate new techniques to drill.

Morning and Lunch classes

These 45-60 minute classes will involve a technique specific warm up followed by one or two techniques with ample time to work them. Students are always allowed to stay as long as they like after class to drill technique or spar.