What makes our team unique and successful is the environment being truly something special. We teach high level, technical Jiu Jitsu in a manner in which everyone can understand clearly to build a solid foundation. Jiu Jitsu does take time to build true skill, which is why class time is optimized for efficiency. We want our students to have fun and learn this complex art as quickly as possible. Injuries are extremely rare at our facility as we enforce a controlled, respectful environment for live training. No big egos, no people trying to prove themselves, just good times.


Our instructors have traveled the world training at the best facilities in the world under some of modern Jiu Jitsu’s best instructors. We visit not just to train, but to learn how they run their programs. We have built our academy with the mission to bring the bulk of that experience to Regina and continue to travel the world to refine and evolve our program as Jiu Jitsu continues to evolve.


From a novice to an experienced practitioner, we adjusting the weeks lesson to accommodate your level of skill. While we generally teach the same subject matter all week long, not all classes are the same and we incorporate technical drills to warm up as opposed to making class feel like a bootcamp. We believe that the entire class should be spent learning and act as a warm up for sparring.


Sparring (commonly referred to as rolling) is done after every class and is the high focus of training. Rolling helps put what you have learned into practice in both specific situations and open training. While we do encourage competitiveness, we have structured our program so that sparring is not a negative experience by ensuring members are controlled, respectful, and focused on learning — not winning at all costs to prove oneself. In our ‘Advanced class’ we increase the intensity. Jiu Jitsu promotes a healthy lifestyle and is a knowledge building method of exercise. It’s incredible to find something that is both helping you build your own unique self defense system and shape your body at the same time.


When taught correctly, you don’t need to be super flexible, tall, skinny, or strong to be good at Jiu Jitsu. Once you have put some time into building your skill you will begin to discover your own ‘game’ which is unique to your personality and body type. Your game may be similar but not the completely the same as anyone else’s, making Jiu Jitsu not only a martial art but an expression of self.


These are some videos that will help get a feel for our program. One is an instructors teaching a warm up drill prior to practice, the other is class mates drilling three takedowns for the week.