Kids Class (4-12)

Our kids program is modeled after the top performing schools in the world. Our 40-60 minute classes will teach your child the basics of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We instilling confidence and discipline in a positive, fun atmosphere.  Kids will improve their coordination and balance, play games and participate in controlled sparring with other students  
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Adult 'All levels' (13+)

Open to all students, these structured classes will be a challenge for the mind and body in a positive learning environment. We constantly evolve our class structure and teaching methods to build technical grapplers who train respectfully. 
After an hour class we begin rolling (sparring).

The majority of the lunch and morning classes are instructed by Karlin while John teaches in the evenings.

Adult 'Advanced Jiu-Jitsu'

A hit among our committed members, this class requires a minimum of three stripes on your white belt to participate and contains mostly situation and open sparring.  Members work within specific situations that cover strategy and troubleshooting with additional coaching.

Open mat

Open mats are open periods where the gym is open to drill technique, stretch, socialize and spar without structure.
Sunday afternoons' open mat is structured. The first hour is for drilling technique and the second is for sparring.