John Nicolichuk


Head Instructor - Brown belt

John began his Jiu Jitsu journey over ten years ago and hasn't taken a break since.  He was recognized early for his technical prowess, earning him success in competition.  His progress rapidly accelerated after he began traveling to train with some of the best in the world and those experiences further fueled his passion to teach, learn, and attain a higher level of mastery. 

John is fortunate enough to have never given nor received any serious injuries.  Understanding first hand the benefits of being able to consistently train injury free, he enforces etiquette so everyone trains like a professional with clean technique and leaves the gym happy and injury free.  He believes it's 'not about winning, it's about learning' and is dedicated to fostering that type of training environment above all else.

John is a self proclaimed 'Jiu Jitsu nerd' who trains and teaches full time.  This lifestyle has allowed him time to develop an understanding of position and strategy that is unmatched in the province.  He is an experienced instructor who is highly regarded for his ability to clearly pass on advanced technical knowledge and is implementing a system which is producing amazing results quickly. He never stops learning and experimenting while keeping an open mind and consistently evolving his Jiu Jitsu.  



Jason Gagnon


Affiliate - Black belt

Jason began teaching full time since his blue belt and dedicated his life to mastering Jiu Jitsu at the highest level.  He was ranked as one of the top featherweights in the world at brown belt prior to receiving his black belt from the world famous, IBJJF Hall of Famer,  multiple time world champion and arguably the best competitor on the planet Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles - an achievement that few have accomplished. In 2017, Jason was ranked top 16 in the world at his weight division in black belt.

Jason is an avid international competitor and has won some of the most prestigious IBJJF sanctioned tournaments in the world today. He continues to compete and excel in one of the most competitive divisions and weight classes in Jiu Jitsu globally, both in the adult and masters division.  



Karlin Dabski


Instructor - Purple Belt

Karlin began training in 2010 and quickly developed a proven ability to perform at a higher level in competition. He travels annually to train for extended periods of time at the famous 'University of Jiu-Jitsu' in San Diego, California and continues to pour his life into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  He has some impressive victories over top competition in his weight and ranking while continuing to travel the world to train and compete.