My issue is that my chest, delts, lats and rotator cuffs are strong and my mid back, rear delts, traps (High, mid and lower) are weak. This caused my shoulders to roll forward causing my chest, lats, serratus to be super tight, traveling to my neck.

Likely if you have a desk job and just train jiu jitsu this is or will be an issue for you.

My plan was to not work my lats, chest or delts (other than rear) and strengthen what was weak plus my legs.  Working on deadlifts got rid of chronic tightness in my hamstrings and squats are helping my hips which can also mess up your shoulders and neck.  Stretch the shit out of my neck, lats, rotator cuffs and rhomboids. 

I only this week after 2 months added neck work because I wanted to make sure my shoulders were no longer rounded before strengthening it, and I eventually will add bench and abs in somewhere and less work on my back and neck once I begin to plateau in those areas.


3 Back exercises:
Shrugs with dumb bells

Stretch rotator cuffs:

Stretch rhomboids:

Roller out seratus

Squats 5x5
Shoulder press, arnold presses

Some worth watching videos:
"Fix shoulder pain"

Wednesday:  Same as Monday

Deadlifts 5x5
Shoulder press, arnold press

Friday: Same as Monday