Innovating Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Regina, Saskatchewan.
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an amazing workout that doesn't feel like a workout  

Many students have lost 25-100 pounds since joining Jiu Jitsu without significant change to their diet. These were people who have tried many diets and workouts and found them tedious, boring, or difficult to do on their own. It's hard to replicate this type of workout as it is both aerobic AND anaerobic where most sports and workouts are either one or the other. The 5-7 minute rounds of sparring increase your cardio while the pushing, pulling, and gripping during these rounds increase your strength.

self defense skills build confidence

Confrontation can be intimidating, whether verbal or physical.  This fear can manifest in other areas of our lives including impact to our self esteem, confidence, and relationships.  Regularly sparring with other people bigger, stronger and better than you desensitizes you to conflict over time. Once you realize that you have the capability to thrive in these types of conditions and can prevail by utilizing proper Jiu Jitsu technique, it will build the image you have of yourself.

new friends

It can be difficult to meet new people with common interests. When starting Jiu Jitsu you meet new, down to earth people who interact like a family readily accepting new members.  Once you put on the kimono you are the same as everyone else. Jiu Jitsu combines practical self defense, child like horse play and technique study into a bonding environment where meaningful, healthy friendships can last a lifetime. 


Even novices are able to control a physical confrontation against a larger, stronger opponent. News outlets around the world are consistently reporting about people defending themselves and others due to their Jiu Jitsu training. You don't need to be athletic or in great shape to apply Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in a real world scenario.