Mat Rules And Etiquette

These standards are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.

1. Maintain good hygiene: Keep nails very short, shower and wear deodorant. 

2. Uniform:  Students are required to wear a rash guard under their gi and gi's must be washed prior to being used again.

3. Be punctual: Please try to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class start time.

4. Greet your team:  When stepping onto the mats, begin by greeting your teammates with a handshake. 

5. Arriving late: If class has already started, please wait off the mat until your instructor invites you to join class. 

6. Keep the mats clean: No shoes, sandals or socks on the mat. Use sandals when stepping into the washroom.

7. Manage your ego: The gym is not a testing ground for you to prove yourself; it is a place of learning.

8. Sparring: When starting and ending a match, it is important to shake your opponents hand as a sign of mutual respect.

9. Exceeding force:  Sparring is not a fight. Don't exceed the amount of force required and practice clean technique.

10. Safety for your partner: Understand you are responsible for your partners safety. If you apply a submission and your opponent does not tap, let it go and move on.

11. Safety for yourself:  Most students injuries are the cause of their own doing, either from sparring too hard, not tapping to submissions, using improper technique, forcing movements and/or not thinking before moving.  Tap early, stay calm, learn, and ask questions of your instructors if you don't know the answers.  You are here to learn and we are here to help.

12. Time efficiency: Drill the techniques as much as you can within the allotted time provided.  

13. Have FUN and be PLAYFUL: Learn, play, enjoy and take advantage of the great community we have.  We are all here to have a good time and better ourselves.