Saskatchewan Provincial Championships 2017

A number of our kids entered the Saskatchewan Provincial Championships and put on an amazing display of Jiu Jitsu.

JT took gold in his division,  Andrea and Nora took silver, and Lucas took bronze.

Although not all of our kid competitors placed at this tournament, I always stress to our students that when one of us wins a medal, we all have won that medal as without each other we cannot get better and achieve our goals.

Western Kids Open 2017

A large group of our kids entered the Western Kids Open in Regina.  They showed some amazing heart and drive for their first tournament.  Although a lot of the matches did not go our way, I was extremely impressed with their level of Jiu Jitsu, their attitudes, and their willingness to want to train even harder following their losses.

Our kid competitors - minus Sophie who is hiding behind everyone to evade the group photo

Our kid competitors - minus Sophie who is hiding behind everyone to evade the group photo

Lucas placed third in a stacked division.

We definitely had some ups and downs today. I tell the kids the same thing I tell our adults. "You compete because you are brave and believe in yourself. Your wins and losses do not define you and you can't let losses extinguish your belief in yourself. If you put the work in and be relentless your abilities will catch up to the belief you have in yourself. The results come to those who persevere."

Jiu Jitsu is as real as it gets for kids martial arts and a loss in this sport is about as tough of a loss as kids can experience.  If they can bounce back and not let it deter their love for Jiu Jitsu and train even harder, they will go far in life as they learn to deal with adversity.

Kids Promotions and Christmas Break

This was our first semester with the kids and WOW - what an amazing time for both the students and the instructors.  While we had a great framework on how to run the classes due to our friends at Genesis Martial Arts in BC, it was a learning experience that will aid in continuing to improve our kids program.

We feel extremely fortunate and lucky to be learning with such a great group of kids and will miss them over the christmas break.  See you all in the new year!

A Panda Visits Regina

Rob "Panda" Barker is a Jiu Jitsu student from BC who is traveling the world visiting different facilities.  When Rob contacted me to see if I could offer any help, I jumped at the opportunity to find him a place to stay and help him out as much as I could. Our student and friend Dylan put Rob up and helped him with some transportation.

It was great to meet and hang out with Rob and I wish him the best of luck on the rest of his journey.

He wrote an amazing review of our facility and Complete's at the following link:

Christmas promotions

Congratulations to everyone who received new stripes on their belts, and to Nolan who was awarded his blue belt today!

Nolan already had some experience under his belt when joining us when we first opened and was a tough roll.  Since joining our team his development has exploded and he has the right focus which helped blossom him into someone with a technical guard, good passing, great submissions and has also lost a ton of weight.  This was evident when he recently took gold at the queen city open against some very tough opponents with new flawless performances.

Nolan promoted to Blue belt after just over two years of training

Nolan promoted to Blue belt after just over two years of training

It was a pleasure to award someone who has worked so hard with what they deserve.

Jason Gagnon Seminar 2

This was Jason's second time in Regina this year reviewing some great content that he has picked up training with some of the best in the world. 

When I first met Jason I was blown away by his technical ability and how he ran his facility.  I began traveling to train with Jason and it propelled my game to a level I never thought I would be at.  It is my pleasure to be able to bring him down so others can feel what I did many years ago.

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this event happen.

We will continue to bring Jason up regularly and provide Regina with some of the best Jiu Jitsu in the world.

Queen City Open 2016

We had a small showing of competitors for the Queen City Open.  Mello, Mike, Tarin and Nolan all entered and showed some amazing heart and Jiu Jitsu.

Nolan went against some very aggressive, well prepared opponents and secured decisive victories, earning him gold.  Very proud of him and how far he has come since joining us.

Tarin survived an amazing first round against a very skilled opponent, advancing on points 2-0. His second and last match was a war where they ended up being tied on points.  Tarin secured a nasty rear naked choke that was fully locked in before the time ran out.  The match went into overtime where he was taken down and had two points scored on him.  So close to gold!

Tarin securing the silver medal after losing the final by a hair

Mike recently started back training after a long hiatus and entered his first tournament ever. He had some great moments in his matches but fell short of securing the top spot on the podium.  Very pleased with Mike's dedication and attitude to training and competing.

Mike taking home bronze

Last but not least MELLO! This was Mello's second tournament in the short time he has been training with us.  His matches were wars where he showed incredible heart and the budding of his technical game.  He lost both his matches but did so with grace and with a huge smile on his face, un-phased with the loss, understanding there are bumps along the road to success.

Sask Submission Series 2016

Five students and myself traveled to Saskatoon for our first tournament as a club.  Jim, Mello, Tarin, Evan and Jason all did exceptionally well in their categories.

Van up to Saskatoon

Van up to Saskatoon

Jason moved up a weight class and took gold in his division after some hard matches where he controlled the fight and secured decisive victories.  Jason puts in a lot of work in the gym and it showed.

Mello has just started training with us and is showing amazing potential.  Although he did not place in his category, he had some great matches and walked away with a positive attitude which I am extremely happy to see in someone.

Tarin showed up and displayed his amazing spirit for combat. He is a natural competitor and I look forward to watching him grow. He took second in both the Gi and No GI.

Evan recently started back training with us after a long break when we first opened and this was his first tournament.  He had some amazing moments and showed great heart, however fell just a bit short, taking bronze both in Gi and No Gi.

Jim didn't have an easy day, battling the toughest opponents in a stacked division back to back who had a lot of experience.  After a beautiful display of Jiu Jitsu, he fell just short of securing a spot on the podium.  We were all extremely impressed with his technique and first showing in competition.

This was an amazing experience as a coach and as a competitor.  It was a chance for us get experience and to access what we need to work on leading up to the Queen City Open this fall.

Team dinner post tournament

Team dinner post tournament

Copa Sask Tournament 2016

We recently had a few students enter the Copa Sask tournament.  We are all extremely proud of the performances by our competitors who put on a great display of heart and technique.  This is the first showing at a tournament in Regina for our club.

Competing is a great way to test yourself and what you need to work on. 

Either you win, or you learn.

Tarin and Nicole both took silver in their categories.


Jason Gagnon Seminar

It was a pleasure to have Jason Gagnon down for a seminar over the weekend.  Jason was also gracious enough to teach a few weekday classes for us while down for his stay.

He covered a lot of amazing content with details that are second to none.  Everyone walked away with a new understanding of concepts and positions.

Sundays attendance

We drew a record number of people in our club with people traveling from Saskatoon and Winnipeg to attend.  I feel very fortunate to be able to help grow the scene in the prairies, build new relationships and bring in such a high level jiu jitsu athlete.