We have developed an adult program and a system that is on par with the international standard of modern Jiu Jitsu.

We believe in and teach Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for both competition and self defense. Our system contains fresh refinements to old and new technique and an in depth instruction of the positions and philosophies concerning movement and leverage.  
You will be moving well and feeling strong without needing to rely on muscle or athleticism. 

Every week we fluctuate between old and new Jiu Jitsu along with discussion based on personal experience using the techniques taught at class that will allow you to quickly grasp the most effective and technical martial art in the world.


There is always a new challenge around every corner of Jiu Jitsu and we focus on your class time being spent learning concepts and patterns of movement rather than making the experience feel like a boot camp.  Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that takes a considerable amount of time to master and we are all here to learn and have fun as we set out on our own journeys.

Sparring with other students after class to practice technique live is one of the most appealing aspects of Jiu Jitsu.  Although sparring is not pressured onto any student, it is highly encouraged as you cannot reach your full potential by just drilling technique, which is why we offer the most amount of time to spar in Regina.  When you discover that you can thrive in uncomfortable situations and persevere by utilizing proper technique, it is incredibly empowering.

Sparring begins structured and moves into open training to ensure that you are developing the positions we teach at class and so beginners can jump in and not be overwhelmed with the entirety of the game.


Although Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a combat sport, we closely watch and coach our students during sparring to ensure our atmosphere stays light, fun and the emphasis is on staying injury free and learning over winning by any means necessary.  We foster an environment where you can train hard and not worry about injury.

Whatever your goals are - we look forward to working together with you to reach them.