If you are looking to learn self defense, get in shape, or compete in combat; you are home.
We represent today's global standard for modern Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
We believe in the power of consistent coaching, teaching technique in-depth, a professional atmosphere and structured learning.


  • Largest schedule in Saskatchewan.

  • Environment that prioritizes learning, safety, respect and control.

  • Focused, welcoming, non-intimidating atmosphere.

  • Attentive coaching during entire training session.

  • High expectations for cleanliness and personal hygiene.

  • Detailed instruction in high level Jiu Jitsu (see below).



Our open concept facility provides 1500 square feet of Zebra tatami mats.

Head Coaches


John Nicolichuk
Black belt

John is doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu different in Regina. His mission is to provide our city with the type of training he and many others are traveling the world to experience. His intuitive teaching, instruction, coaching, positional understanding and strive to innovate makes him a stand out instructor, ushering in the new era of Jiu Jitsu to Regina.

He started training over ten years ago with the intention to compete in mixed martial arts and changed his focus solely to Jiu Jitsu. Since opening our facility in 2016 he has produced amazing results across Saskatchewan. He continues to compete at a high level and travels regularly to train with the best in the world. 


Jason Gagnon
Black belt

Jason was awarded the rank of black belt from Cobrinha, the greatest modern black belt of all time.

While still a brown belt Jason was ranked #2 in the world and is considered one of the best grapplers to ever come out of Canada. Jason continues to compete against the biggest names in the sport and has won several IBJJF tournaments both in the adult and master divisions.